A Society for the registration and promotion of Roan Horses & Ponies in Australia was first started in 1988 but lapsed due to lack of resources. Records were stored and have been included in the registry of the new Society.

Colour societies have existed in Australia for horses & ponies all dilute and broken coloured coat pattens except the roan for many years. This exclusion has led to discrimination against a very old colour occuring naturally in many breeds.

In Australia, Roan is most commonly found in Quarter Horses & Welsh Ponies and the breeds derived from these, Australian Stock Horse, Australian Pony, Arabian Pony, Quarab & Riding Pony, with some Shetlands and Miniature Ponies & Horses. 

The Roan Horse & Pony Society of Australia Inc has been established as a non-profit organisation for the promotion and registration of horses and ponies which are genetic roans and as a means to educate people as to their charactistics and genetics. 


P.O. BOX 158

Roan Genetic Testing is now available in Australia at Practical Horse genetics
or in USA http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/Roan.php 

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